ADC General Meeting – 2/21/19

ADC50 Agenda

February 21, 2019 – 7pm

1) Roll call

2) Approval of minutes from 1/28 meeting

3) Chair Report – Elana Ehrenberg

4) Unfinished Business

Elections for:

  1. Parliamentarian
  2. Sergeant at Arms

5) Guest speakers (as of now):

  1. Matthew Chachere: Staff Attorney at Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
  2. Surrogate Judge Margarita Lopez Torres
  3. Civil Court Judge Derefim Neckles

6) Judicial Delegates

  1. Nominate delegates and alternates
  2. Discuss judge endorsements

7) Public Advocate GOTV

8) Subcommittee Break Out Groups

  1. Rules and Resolutions
  2. Public Affairs and Legislation
  3. Community Service
  4. Inter-group Relations
  5. Public Meetings
  6. Public Relations

9) New Business

Minutes will be posted once approved at the next general meeting of the ADC.

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