Email from the Chair

Hi ADC50!
Thanks to those of you who attended Thursday’s meeting. It was great to have Boris, from Senator Salazar’s office, discuss end of session legislation and answer questions about rent regulations, NY Health Act, and the new Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. As a follow-up he sent over some information regarding the new rent laws, which are currently in effect (see attached).
Eric Radezky also followed up with some info on voter’s rights:A person previously convicted of a felony’s right to register to vote is restored once they have reached their maximum sentence of imprisonment or have been discharged from parole. Since the registration is cancelled, they have to re-register to vote but there is nothing else that needs to be done to be eligible to register. There are some who believe that a certificate of relief from disabilities or good conduct is needed but that it not the case. He’s also looking into if there’s a Board of Elections law that can purge voters after a certain number of years of not voting.

NEXT UP: Our next meeting will be Monday August 19th (location TBD)Keep an eye on your inbox for an upcoming Rep Your Block recruitment event at the end of July.
Have a happy 4th of July!
~Elana & ExCo Team~

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