ADC General Meeting – 1/28/19

Monday January 28, 2019


1. Call meeting to Order 

2. Reading & Approval of Minutes

3. Reports 
– Chairperson Report
– Report from Special Committee on Rules Creation

4. Unfinished Business
– Motions on Amendments to ADC Rules 
– Open Floor Rules Motions    
– Officer nominations from the Floor
– Candidate speeches   
– Election of Officers 

5. New Business
– Judicial Elections & Delegates

Rules Creation 1/16/19

Meeting Minutes – Special Committee on Rules Creation 1.6.19

IN ATTENDANCE: Alex Marcus, Chair. Jessica Baker Vodoor, Elana Ehrenberg, Paul Portello, William Vega, Joanna Tillman, Josh Schneier

NOTE TAKER FOR MEETING: Jessica Baker Vodoor

  1. Passed Motions for recommendations to full ADC
  2. 12/16/19 minutes approved
  3. ADC Executive Committee members may also serve as officers of ADC Subcommittees.
  4. All ADC50 subcommittees are required to record minutes of their meetings and must publish them on the Assembly District Committee 50 website after they are approved at the following subcommittee meeting.
  5. Minutes of meetings of the General Assembly District 50 Committee will be published on the ADC website once approved by the full membership at the following general meeting.
  6. For ADC50 General Meetings, an agenda will be emailed 5 days in advance to the entire ADC committee.
  7. The Chairperson of the ADC creates the agenda for the General ADC meeting and must include reports from the subcommittees holding meetings after the last general meeting.
  8. Time is designated on the agenda for every ADC50 General Meeting for New Business that is not described in the agenda prepared by the chair.
  9. The floor nomination process described in Robert’s Rules of Order is adopted for the nomination of officer candidates for the Assembly District Committee.
  10. District leaders are non-voting members of the Assembly District Committee’s Executive Committee and may not hold another officer role in the Assembly District Committee.
  11. The fifth officer position of the Assembly District Committee shall be named Sergeant of Arms and the role is defined as responsible to keep order at the meeting and to enforce time limits.  

Rules Creation 12/16/18

Minutes for Special Committee on Rules Creation – December 16, 2018

Attendees: Alex, Joanna, Jessica, William, Paul, Josh, Michele. Josh as note taker

Motions passed for Recommendations to ADC:

  1. ADC 50 will add a 5th elected voting officer position to break ties, duties and name to be determined.
  2. ADC 50 will elect a Parliamentarian. They will be a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.
  3. Regarding a quorum, County Committee rules are adopted (ie, ⅓ membership quorum). Any one member can hold up to 3 proxies.
  4. There will be no quorum for subcommittee.
  5. Each subcommittee will establish its own rules and present those rules to the general membership. Each subcommittee must present its rules to be voted on by the ADC every 2 years.
  6. ADC 50 adopts Robert’s Rules for the ADC general meetings. A training will be provided to the ADC general membership every two years at the Organizing meeting of the ADC.
  7. Alex Marcus elected as Chair of the Rules Subcommittee.
  8. The Chair of the Rules Subcommittee will appoint a note taker at each meeting.

ADC50 Organizing Meeting- 10/22/18


Date: Monday, October 22, 2018 7:00 PM

Location: Alligator Lounge, 600 Metropolitan Avenue

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Overview of Assembly District Committees
  3. Q&A With District Leaders Linda Minucci and Nick Rizzo
  4. September County Committee Meeting Debrief
  5. Election of District Committee Officers
  6. Breakout Group Discussions
  7. Wrap Up and Next Steps

MINUTES approved on 1/28/19, posted 1/31/19.